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20 de marzo de 2011

John Butler Trio (What you want)

What you want to say, / Wait till you get home. / I'm sick of communicating over the / Telephone. / But tell me how you feel, / For I am lonely too / Need you to know / I'm just as cold & numb as you.
But I could fly away, / Or I could be no one. / And you could be the / Sunshine falling over the Mountains
Or you could come to stay / You could come right home / I don't see why I have to / Live this life all alone.
I know there is a way to make up for old Mistakes / And I know what's happening is for a reason / I know...

Y la version acústica, aqui.

2 comentarios:

Como Unico Equipaje dijo...

Buena letra.

Anónimo dijo...

una letra muy clara y buena pero el dominio de los instrumentos tremendo desastre, suena fatal, la versiona acústica es terrible.